Tony Levin直筆サイン入り詩集『Fragile As A Song』

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Peter GabrielやKing Crimsonのベーシストとして知られるTony Levin(トニー・レヴィン)の、直筆サイン入り詩集"Fragile as a Song"。
内容もさる事ながら、Bill BrufordとPeter Gabrielによる豪華なイントロダクションにも注目です!

Bill Brufordのイントロダクション:
"With a smile on its face, this little anthology offers food for thought and refreshment for the soul. On a good day it may even, in T. S. Eliot's words, 'make us see the world afresh'."

Peter Gabrielのイントロダクション:
"I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have, with its sharp intelligence, gentle humour, quirky observations, and wonderful memories."

From Tony Levin
"These are my poems from through the years, and lyrics from songs on previous albums, current albums and future ones. Some are quite personal, others humorous. The title poem is about making a musical connection with a bonobo ape. We fashioned the book as some of my favorite poetry books are: small, leatherette bound, with no publicity blurb on the back. I'm very grateful for the wonderful foreword and introduction by my friends Peter Gabriel and Bill Bruford.”

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¥3,500 税込